{kids forever}

kids forever,
kids forever,
baby soft skin turns into leather.
don't be dramatic,
it's only some plastic.
no one will love you if you're
u n a t t r a c t i v e


it's such a waste
when little girls grow into their mother's face.
but little girls are learning how to cut and paste—
and pucker up their lips until the suffocate.


how are you all doing? well, i hope. what does this mean to you? what do you think the little girl is going through, or will go through? share what you think in a comment. :3


song: mrs potato head by melanie martinez
doll: indie, truly me #27
camera: canon rebel xt


{say your name into a mirror three times}

white lights are too bright,
i just wanna see a trace or an outline.
say your name into a mirror three times—
said it three times, i said it three times.
but when you float above my body,
i can see, i can see clearly
straight through the ceiling.

darling, don't be so shy,
i'll see you at midnight,
and when i close my eyes,
i said it three times, said it three times.
you make my world spin—
placebo feelings.
and in the morning

i wait to see you again.


hello. you may or may not know me, but either way, please, call me m. welcome to my humble corner of the blogging world, on the other side of the lens. here, i aim to take creative, thoughtful photos of my eleven american girl dolls that tempt you to take a moment to ponder what might happen on the other side of the lens.

i'll say right now that i swear and am completely okay with you doing so in comments, if you so wish, just don't intentionally hurt someone else. also, this blog is not your typical american girl doll blog, so don't expect to see any happy-go-lucky photo stories.

all my photos usually have a darker theme and/or meaning, but i encourage you to share your take on the meaning in a comment, whatever it may be. i'm always happy to hear. :} thanks for stopping by, i hope to see you again.


song: mirrors by pvris
doll: ali, truly me #39
camera: canon rebel xt